Orchestra Victoria

Alyssa Conrau

Tutti Violin

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About Alyssa

Born in Melbourne to a violin-teacher father and a pianist and teacher mother, Alyssa Conrau began taking lessons at the age of seven, and went on to study under William Hennessey at the University of Melbourne and Monica Curro at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Despite being a recent addition to Orchestra Victoria she has performed with them for over 10 years as a freelancer, a highlight in that time being Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

One day, she’d love to play the opera Manon Lescaut by Puccini – playing the Intermezzo as a student was the first Puccini she had ever performed and it made an indelible impact on her.

Her advice to aspiring musicians? “Say yes to everything and try to play as many different styles of music as you can. Apart from being fun, it really shapes who you become as a musician.”

Alyssa Conrau's Tutti Violin position is generously supported by Leanne Menegazzo.