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Musical Chairs

Your front-row seat to the journey of a professional musician

Musical Chairs

Classical music would not exist without the dedication and passion of its musicians, who only exist through the support of individuals like you.

By choosing to sponsor a musician, you are not only helping to ensure their career thrives, but also joining a centuries-old tradition of direct patron-to-artist relationship in music; a tradition that helped create the artform as we know it and continues to sustain it even to this day.

As a Musical Chairs sponsor, you will have a front-row seat to the journey of a professional musician, having the opportunity to befriend your chosen artist and learn about their personal and professional life. This relationship makes a direct positive impact on the life of our musicians, ensuring that they can continue to share their talent with the world and, together, allow us to reach new heights.

Levels of Sponsorship

Join us in our mission to have each musician of Orchestra Victoria supported. We encourage you to join friends and family in a syndicate to fulfil a sponsorship commitment. Together, we can ensure that our musicians thrive in our community for generations to come.

  • Concertmaster - $45,000
  • Deputy Concertmaster - $20,000
  • Principal - $10,000
  • Associate Principal - $8,000
  • Tutti - $5,000
Orchestra Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation with DGR-1 status. All gifts of $2 and above are tax-deductible.

Sponsor our musicians

Sponsor a musician

Help shape the future of our musicians by becoming a sponsor. To discuss sponsorship, please contact our Philanthropy Coordinator, Nathaniel at [email protected] or 0408 932 198.

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Our sponsored musicians

Musical Chairs Sponsors

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Concertmaster Gifts of $45,000

Lady Southey AC
Concertmaster | Sulki Yu

Principal Gifts of $10,000

Susan & Leith Campbell
Section Principal Violin | Yi Wang

Mr Jim Cousins AO & Mrs Libby Cousins AM with Igor Zambelli
Section Principal Timpani | Guy du Blet

Peter Griffin AM & Terry Swann
Section Principal Flute | Lisa-Maree Amos
Section Principal Second Violin | Monica Naselow

Ms Linda Herd
Principal Cor Anglais | Dafydd Camp
Section Principal Viola | Paul McMillan

Don & Angela Mercer
Section Principal Double Bass | Stuart Riley

Tutti Gifts of $5,000

Mr Andrew Fairley AM
Tutti Violin | Rebecca Adler

The Fielding Foundation
Tutti Violin | Rachael Hunt
Tutti Violin | Binny Baik

Mr Russell and Dr Jenni Jenkins
Tutti Violin | Matt Hassall

Leanne Menegazzo
Tutti Violin | Alyssa Conrau

Angela Kayser
Tutti Cello | Sarah Cuming

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