Orchestra Victoria

Scott Evans

Section Principal Trombone

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About Scott

Principal Trombone Scott Evans was born in North Sydney in 1959 and has been with Orchestra Victoria since 1978. He started trombone lessons at the age of eleven, learning from a variety of instructors, including trad jazz players who encouraged him to try playing with brass bands. He ended up playing with the Willoughby Band, which was directed by Peter Walmsley, a trumpet player with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Peter taught Scott until he was 17 and, in Scott’s words, “remains a life-long mentor”. He also learnt from the Symphony’s trombone players, Baden McCarron and Alan Mewett. In 1977, Scott won a scholarship to the ABC Training Orchestra and was there for 18 months before joining Orchestra Victoria. Since then, he has played with myriad orchestras and bands, from the Channel Nine Show Band to Japan’s Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa.