Orchestra Victoria

Vikki Conley


Vikki Conley photo 2024

About Vikki

Vikki is an author, nature lover and intrepid adventurer. She has worked as a professional writer and marketer, with diverse communities across three continents, for over 20 years. In search of extraordinary stories, she has climbed inside Icelandic glaciers, entered war-torn countries and interviewed African dignitaries in a paddock full of eeyoring donkeys! In her spare time, she does cartwheels with her two children and searches for platypus in the rivers near her home in Eltham, Australia.

Vikki is an active player in both the arts and literary industries. She has negotiated multiple community collaborations that have child-focused, multi-art form experiences and social outcomes.

In collaboration with Orchestra Victoria, Vikki narrated her CBCA Notable Book, Little Puggle's Song as part of a musical interpretation composed by Maria Grenfell, set to the sounds of woodwind, string and percussion instruments. Twelve shows were performed at the State Library of Victoria.