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Sky Symphony

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Sky Symphony 1 8 K

A symphonic sound and light installation beaming across the shimmering Yarra. Experience the magic of the sky and sound in perfect symphony.

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  • Melbourne / Naarm

    Wednesday 11 October - Sunday 15 October, 8pm - 11pm

    Located at the eastern end of Yarra Promenade, adjacent to Queens Bridge

  • Duration

    Nightly sessions every 20 minutes (last session starts at 10.40pm)

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    Free event

Sky Symphony is a light, water and sound installation on the Yarra River, created by Australian laser specialists LASERVISION, featuring the orchestral music of Melbourne composer Shaun Rigney.

Sky Symphony emerged from Shaun's desire to connect with people, and to work with the magic of lasers projected onto mist. Starting as a collaboration between the composer and a collective of twenty seven volunteer photographers, this event has grown into a synthesis of light, water, music and the sky.

The symphony, recorded for this project by the Orchestra Victoria, was composed in response to the images the composer requested from the public. Those images form the basis of the dazzling water projection created by LASERVISION. Starting from the question "how does a composer connect with listeners in the modern world?", Shaun considered one possible answer: Create something together. From the collection of three hundred images that he received, a symphony was born.

Then came a second question: How can we bring this project to life? This is where LASERVISION have transformed ideas into breathtaking reality, by creating an elemental choreography of light, water, music, and sophisticated laser and hydraulic technologies.

For information visit: https://www.skysymphony.com.au

Cast & Creatives

Sky Symphony Number 2 - Portraits of the Air

Shaun Rigley

Performed & Recorded
Orchestra Victoria

Produced & Installed

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Sky Symphony 1 8 K