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Candide Hero 2

Filled with sparkling wit and humour, Candide is a unique fusion of opera and musical theatre, utterly irreverent, drawing inspiration from European operetta to Latin American dance rhythms.

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  • Melbourne / Naarm

    8-10 February 2024, 7.30 pm

    Palais Theatre
    Lower Esplanade, St Kilda

  • Duration

    3 hours, including an interval

Join us on an adventure as we follow our hero and his beloved, Cunégonde, through a world gone mad, inhabited by an endless array of vicious, greedy, lustful, and manipulative characters. Portraying this vibrant cast of characters is a versatile and talented Australian ensemble, led by the multi-talented music theatre Renaissance man, Eddie Perfect, and award-winning star of Hamilton, Lyndon Watts.

Prepare to witness St Kilda’s iconic Palais Theatre transformed into “The Best of All Possible Worlds” in this thrilling new production, directed by Dean Bryant and designed by Dann Barber, with lighting by Matt Scott. The symphonic magic of this brilliant score will be conjured by maestro Benjamin Northey with Orchestra Victoria.

Cast & Creative

Conductor Benjamin Northey
Director Dean Bryant
Set & Costume Designer Dann Barber
Lighting Designer Matt Scott
Sound Designer Samuel Moxham
Assistant Conductor Phoebe Briggs
Associate Designer Savanna Wegman

Voltaire / Pangloss Eddie Perfect
Candide Lyndon Watts
Cunégonde Katherine Allen
Old Lady Maria Mercedes
Maximilian Euan Fistrovic Doidge
Paquette Melanie Bird
Cacambo Eddie Muliaumaseali’i
Governor / Vanderdenur Alexander Lewis
Martin Troy Sussman

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